What's included

  • Vacuum* and wash all floors *(you will need to provide a vacuum cleaner for the Cleaner Corner pro.  Please make sure the appliance is visible, charged, working well and the filter and or bag is changed if necessary

  • Dust and clean all horizontal visible surfaces

The Recipe for a Sparkling Kitchen

Our pros make sure that they provide you with a clean environment for preparing meals.  Our products are safe for your family.  You can therefore cook with complete peace of mind.

  • Cleaning the exterior of large electrical appliances 

  • Cleaning ior of small electrical appliances that are on the counters (toaster, blender, coffee machine, ect)

  • Cleaning the exterior and interior of the microwave oven

  • Cleaning the stains and fingerprints on the cupboards, furniture, walls, doors and doorframes

  • cleaning the sink and polishing the faucet

A Living room, Dining Room and Bedrooms that are more than Perfect!

These living spaces in particular are at the center stage of home life.  With no harsh chemicals used we make your health and comfort our priority.

  • Making the beds with the sheets and blankets from the previous night

  • Making the beds with new sheets and putting the old into your laundry basket

  • Vacuuming the sofas and underneath the cushions

A Washroom That Shines

We are committed to making your washrooms shine!  Cleaner Corners will no doubt inspire relaxation.  Take care of yourself, our pros will take care of the cleaning.

  • Cleaning the inside and outside of the sink, bath and shower

  • Cleaning the inside and outside of the toilet

  • Cleaning the doorknobs and the tank lever

  • Cleaning the counters

  • Polishing the faucets and mirrors

  • Cleaning the exterior of the washer and dryer


Frequent dusting results in improved health for you and your family.

  • Dusting in all of the rooms that are assigned to us

  • Horizontal furniture

  • frames and paintings within reach\

  • Trinkets (except if the surface is overly cluttered)

  • Mouldings, doorframes, fans, air vents

  • Windowsills

  • Light fixtures

  • the tops of radiators and baseboards

* For safety reasons, Cleaner Corners is not authorized to climb on a stepladder, a chair or any other raised object